Today I went to a Boardgame Cafe in Saigon. Those of you who know me, know what a massive geek I am. Wherever I’ve travelled in the world I’ve tried to find fellow board gamers and nerds to hang out with. (Playing werewolf in Ecuador was a blast.)I tried to find my tribe of fellow nerds in Saigon, and was not disappointed.The Boardroom is a peaceful local place ran by a fellow Boardgame enthusiast in Saigon, Vietnam. The cost to play is actually, just “buy something like a drink or food”!No hourly costs. WHAT?! How is that possible? I don’t know. Needless to say, I bought way too many drinks, and dinner because I really wanted to support the place.If you’re looking for the best place to play Boardgame’s in HCM, you’ve found it!If you’re looking at playing boardgames, this is the place to go. Quiet, and a good selection of games, it’s a great place to get your geek on.During my night there, I played 7wonders duel, Love letters, Battlelines and Chinatown. Even though it’s just a little cafe in Vietnam their selection of games (considering they are only one month old) is pretty good!If you’d rather just buy boardgames, one thing to know is that they are the SAME PRICE as in Canada to buy! That’s right. Even though they are imports, they aren’t more expensive. (In fact, if you’re willing to buy the Chinese knockoffs they can be significantly cheaper).One thing I’d say though, is that even though it’s the SAME price, it’s significantly more expensive relatively to buy boardgames here. For example my rent for a shared place, with wifi, maid and aircon is 3.5 million dong ($198 CDN). The cost of a normal Boardgame is $50 in Canada. My rent in Canada at my place was $1400. The percentage difference between the two is huge.$50 out of $1500 vs $50 out of $200 makes a big difference.When you’re traveling to find then all of a sudden things that don’t seem like a luxury at home, become crazy expensive here.Would you rather pay rent or own 4 boardgames?That’s one of the things that this minimalist travelling nomad lifestyle has really reinforced.There’s no such thing as cheap, or expensive. It’s all relative.Buy what you want, but remember if you want to travel the world looking for a cheap place to live? Save your money today, because, every $1 you save will be worth much much more in your new forever home.Want more articles? LINK TO HOME PAGEf