Waking up to the sounds of humanity and the hum of my air conditioner (It’s 28 degrees in my apartment without it.) I go to the balcony.

Seeing that the ubiquitous rain has stopped, I go out for breakfast.

Breakfast in Saigon, is not what you’d be used to. Instead of eggs, toast and a sausage, it usually involves rice of some kind.

There’s a little family shop around the corner from me, I can’t give you it’s name as it doesn’t have one.

Many of the little shops are shops/houses. They work in it, until they want to then shut the gates. What you might find open at 8am is very different from what is open at 8pm. (It’s like a quest!)

This shop opens in morning at around 6am and then shuts down in the late afternoon.

The mom is washing dishing in the back, while the dad is up front grilling the pork.

The smell of the charcoal bbq was what had me stop in the first place, and I’m glad I did.

There’s no sign or menus. But, with my non existent Vietnamese and signing, I just order 1 of something. I have no idea what I’m ordering or how much it will be but that pork smells delicious.

The breakfast turns out to be a mix of savory rice, the bbq pork, a fried egg and some mixed vegetables.

The meal is delicious, as I carefully work my way around the plate, taking little bites of grilled meat, rice and then some egg.

Breakfast at this little place is 25,000 dong (1.50 CDN). If you see me alive in the morning, this is where you’ll find me. I love supporting small family owned business and this is local as it gets.

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