What’s a $150 CDN room in Saigon? How does rent for the month sound?

My apartment is in District 7, (in the local area, so it’s not in the cool Expat area.)

I like it though, probably because it is in the local area.

It’s a shared place, 3 bedrooms. I share a bathroom with one of my roommates, and the other room has a private bathroom.

The rent doesn’t include electric/wifi/weekly maid. That’s about another 1 million dong ($56 CDN).

One neat thing about the room, is that the deposit (5 million dong : $250 CDN) was paid by me to the person who lived in the room before me.

So, when I move out, the next person pays me directly.

The reason for this, is so that expats can then take advantage of this long term rental price, without having to try to sign a contract.

I don’t think you’d ever get your deposit back if you just gave it to a landlord here. (I might be wrong. But, I kind of doubt it.)

Neat right?

It’s walking distance to my gym, and a local market, and it’s got a pool too!

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