The dust from the red clay on the roads blows into my face as I’m riding my Tuk Tuk to the gym. Thankfully my cheap sunglasses are helping to prevent it from blowing it into my eyes.

Arriving at Angkor Muscle Gym in Siem Reap, I’m ready to get my workout on!

The gym itself is in an open air warehouse. Huge Cambodian guys, and fit girls are all over the place.

Tons of machines, free weights and heavy weights show that this is a lifters gym.

While there are the rows of mandatory cardio machines, the majority of the gym is dedicated to getting your weightlifting game on.

In fact if you want to use the treadmills it’s $1 USD for every 20 minutes! I’ve never seen this anywhere else in the world, but electricity is expensive in Siem Reap.

My membership for the month is $25 USD, but if you only want to go occasionally the $1 USD a day drop in makes much more sense.

One crazy thing that sticks out here at Angkor Muscle gym is that it’s a shirt optional gym.

I haven’t seen many of these gyms in North America but after a few workouts without a shirt, I highly approve.

Without a shirt on, I quickly notice a couple things.

  • I’m tanned really oddly, splotchy like a fried egg, I resolve to get my tan on later.
  • I hate how certain parts of my body look, my obliques for example are gross. Normally I don’t notice because I’m usually working out with a shirt on. Here every imperfection that is normally hidden is in full view with the giant mirrors.
  • 6 packs are everywhere. This gym really can really highlight how out of shape you are.

Working out while travelling to find the best countries to retire cheap is mandatory for me. If I don’t do it, I find that I quickly enter the wake up, hammock and drinking stage.

When you have no real schedule, no need to work and nobody you know around, it’s really easy to get into this “who cares” phase.

So, If you’re looking into this retirement lifestyle, far away in a different land, I’d recommend you find a good gym as a 3rd home in your new city.

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