Hi friends, today is market day, and that means loading up on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Shopping in Cuenca is interesting because you have two types of places where you can buy food.

You’ve got the local farmers market, and the big box grocery store.

Do you like farmers markets back home? Imagine the biggest, realest farmers market you’ve ever seen.

The great thing about the farmers market here is that there isn’t a premium on fresh, organic food. It just exists.

Nobody is charging you extra because it came from a family farm. They’re just happy you’re buying something!

The prices are great too. Check out the pictures….and yes all the prices are in Canadian.

The huge bag of pasta? $1.50.

There are somethings that you can’t buy at the farmers market though.

So you’ll have to go the SuperMaxi. It’s just like a Superstore back home.

I had to come here to buy ketchup, mayo, aaa batteries, mustard, booze, and various snack foods.

If you look at the picture, it looks like a 24 year old guy’s shopping list. I swear it was because I bought all my fresh produce at the farmers market.

All of this junk food and booze, came up to $50 Canadian, mainly because of the two bottles of booze and the AAA batteries.

If you noticed I also have some name brand Chips Ahoy cookies! Those are $2.

Not everything imported will be super expensive, but some things like this jar of Kraft Mayo? Super expensive! At $5 I’m leaving that on the shelf and buying Ecuadorian mayo ($1.50).

My groceries for the month? $100….. and that’s with booze included…..

I’m loving Cuenca, and it’s still my number one place to retire cheap in the world.

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