Hi friends! Cuenca, Ecuador was my #1 choice for best places to retire cheap in 2018. Here’s a LINK TO BEST PLACES TO RETIRE 2018 So let’s talk about how to get there.

Flying to Cuenca isn’t super easy. There aren’t really direct flights.

I flew from Las Vegas to Houston, and then from Houston to Quito.

Quito then connected me to Cuenca.

When you take your first flight from wherever, your bags are going to be checked all the way to Quito.

And you’ll get all your boarding passes.

Except for one of them.

The boarding pass that won’t print will be the one from Quito to Cuenca.

It’s because these tiny little regional flights don’t really connect with the big systems.

How was my flight?

After partying my ass off in Vegas for 3 days $100 for 3 days in Vegas Trip! LINK

I said goodbye to my friends and off to Ecuador I went!

Getting to the airport in Vegas by Uber cost me $14 USD. No problems. I had a few hours to kill in the airport then off to Houston I went.

Landing in Houston is gross. This airport is HUGE! And the connecting gate from Houston to Quito is literally miles away. I swear it was almost faster to walk to Ecuador from my gate! I had to hurry my ass to catch my connection. (I did stop for a pit stop to buy some Wendy’s though. Ouch $10!)

Landing in Quito several hours later, I had to go to the immigration area with all the other foreigners.

That took about 25 minutes to get through. The security officer was also super confused that I wanted a 90 day stamp. Eventually I got it though.

Then after immigration, you’ll have to get your checked bag. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP! You might be thinking….my bag is checked all the way to Cuenca….it is not.

After getting your checked bag, you have to leave and then re-enter the airport. That’s right, leave. There is no area for you to transition from.

After re-entering the airport, you’ll head to the departures area.

The departure area is small. Like itty bitty.

There you’ll see a GIANT line of people. DO NOT GO INTO THIS LINE.

Go to the information area and find out where your ticket gate is. The giant line in my case was for COPA airlines to Panama.

Remember you still don’t have boarding pass yet. So you’ll go the ticketing gate (which opens 2 hours before your flight).

I flew Tame airline. It was a tiny little plane. But it got the job done.

Landing in Cuenca, I was immediately thinking…..ok how do I get an UBER/GRAB/LYFT? Obviously you know that’s the best way to get a ride from the airport WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER TAKE A TAXI LINK

I didn’t see any, but being exhausted after my 20 hours of flight, I just took a taxi like a chump.

Being a super duper dummy, I didn’t demand the meter on.

Which again if you have taken a cab in Bangkok you know is a big no no.

I just showed him my address on my phone (remember now you’re in South America. English is non-existent). I always have a photo of the address. As you will not have data.

I got to my address, the incredible Blue Door Housing.

The total cost of my cab? $2.25 USD. I couldn’t believe it.

Saved by the fact that Cuenca has cheap cabs, my stupidity didn’t kill my budget! Oh how I love you Cuenca!

And that’s how you get to the best place to retire cheap in 2018!

Total flight transit time 21 hours. I now will sleep for at least a day.

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