Here’s a crazy story, but maybe not that crazy.

A man who has lived his whole life in North America, retires cheap in a different country.

He loses a whole bunch of weight, gets way healthier, and gains a newfound life.

This is a story I’ve been told and seen over and over again by expats that I’ve met.

My current roommates are both in their 60’s, but look at least 10 years younger!

Why? Here’s one reason.

Cuenca, Ecuador is a walking city. While you can take a cab ($2 CDN), everything is under a 30 minutes away.

And it’s usually a nice spring like day. So, you figure, why not walk?

Before you know it, you’ve walked up and down hills for an hour every day. Maybe you’ve even done some crazy stairs.

One guy I met, lost 30lbs just by doing this. Nothing else changed.

His diet didn’t change at all. He still had white bread, with kraft singles and bologna for lunch. Dinner? BBQ!

Just the constant walking raised his metabolism and got him in better than he’d been for decades. When was the last time you just walked up and down hills in North America? I remember it would be, go outside. Get into my car, drive to work, drive home after work. And if I was going out on the weekend? No way I was walking there!

Another friend I met, took it even farther. A nutritionist, and author, this friend took advantage of the fresh organic fruits/vegetables that are cheap and plentiful here.

You know how organic tomatoes are crazy expensive in North America? Here all vegetables are basically $1! And really they come straight from somebodies farm.

Combine fresh smoothies, and the walking? Boom….. crazy stackable gains in fitness.

Now me? Every time I take a break in North America I gain weight, but when I get back? It’s back to the protein shakes, walking and of course the gym. Usually I’ll lose 5lbs of fat in a month.

So, yes, if you are looking to lose weight and get healthy? Retire cheap in Ecuador.

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