The big three towns on your way to see Machu Picchu!

How do they stack up? Could you retire there?

First of all, out of the three towns I personally liked Aguas Calientes the best.

It’s surprisingly cheaper that’s Cusco.

I liked the very touristy feel of it. Cusco has just as many tourists, or even more, but it was more spread out, and less walkable.

Ollytantambo is the most expensive of the 3, and has the least to do. It’s literally just a central square.

Main tips for the region.

1. Using Cabify is easy, and Uber, but there are tons of illegal street taxis. A street taxi was always cheaper. You don’t really even have to negotiate that much.A Cabify was 3 bucks versus 2 bucks for a street taxi.

2. There weren’t really gyms at any of these cities. Some scattered here and there, but not many

3. Don’t expect quick wifi in this region. Digital nomads, and people who need quick wifi may not be able to survive here.

4. This region was about 30% more expensive than Arequipa.

5.Money. Make sure you bring Peruvian, not Canadian or American because the exchange rate is brutal.

All in all, if you’re looking for the best countries to retire cheap, Peru is still right up there.

I’d say, head to Arequipa if you are looking for retirement though, not these 3 towns.

These towns are a great place for a visit, but not to retire cheap