Machu Piccu is one of those must see’s in the world, and while you might never retire cheap there, here is a guide on one of the world wonders.

1. Getting there can be tricky. You have to get to Aguas Calientes and take a bus from there. To get to Aguas Calientes you have to take a train from a different city. To get to that city you have to get to Cusco. It’s multi step, and I recommend doing it over several days not one day. It’s possible to do it in one day, but that’s 7 hours of travel.

2. When you get to Machu Picchu, bring a ton of water. My friends got super dehydrated. The official online site says, that you can’t bring a water bottle. That is a lie.

Bring a couple big 1 liter bottles.

3. Don’t buy food at Machu Picchu, It’s super expensive, buy it all in Aguas Caliente.

And bring it in with you.

The views are beautiful, and there are no time limits.

4. You can buy a ticket to Machu Picchu anytime, but there are several mountains in the area that you can’t get into without pre buying. They limit the visitors to 400 a day.

5. You don’t need a guide. Again the site says, a guide is mandatory. This is a lie.

Also the guide says, no selfie sticks. Not true.

6. Total cost of a trip to Machu Picchu will cost about $300 not including housing Canadian.

7. Food in Aguas Calientes is actually not too bad. A tourist menu is about $10 a day, and beers are $3 each. To get this price you have to get out of the main square though.

8. Machu Picchu is definitely worth seeing! If you get altitude sickness grab some coca leaves, they have them everywhere. And if you are prone to motion sickness pack Dramamine, the roads there are bumpy.