Hi friendly readers, it’s been a while since I’ve written a new post. I blame Covid. It’s hard being a travel blogger writing about retirement spots, if I can’t travel.


Earth2, launched in November as a brand new up and coming game. They are a tiny little start up with a lot of big names on their team. Game link

The goal of the game is to create, a sim city style game, with users building up a brand new Earth to play on. Imagine, megacities, pirate islands, nightclubs etc.

BUT HOW DO I MAKE MONEY? There are a lot of ways.

  • Land income taxes
  • Sale of property
  • And eventually resources
  • And eventually micro transactions from new players

This month, playing Earth 2, I made $3000 USD and $32000 in earth2 tiles.

FOR REAL? Yes, some people including me were really sceptical. But this game has paid me $3000 and it’s happily sitting in my TD bank account in Canada (I used it for a lump payment on my mortgage, knocking 5 months off the amortization).

WAIT YOU SAID YOU MADE $3000 AND $32000 IN TILES. WHAT IS A TILE? Earth2 works like this, there are phases in which the game is being built. The first phase, players buy a tile. A 10×10 tile when I started in the game was .10 cents USD. You can fund this payment with PayPal.

I started with an initial buy of $20. After watching the price of those tiles increase, I bought another $1000. At this point, I was a little nervous. $1000 is a whole months budget for me. (Remember our mutual goal is to find the best countries to retire cheap for $1000 a month.)

So…..a week passes, and these $1000 worth of tiles that I’ve bought has grown in value to $4000. Soooo, I’m like….sell sell selll! I’ve got to see if this whole thing is a giant scam.

To cash out, you HAVE to sell your tiles to another player. To make it easy the game has a market place. You list your tiles for sale, and wait till someone buys it. I listed my tiles for 30% off what they were worth and sold $1600 worth! I was all like “Muhahhaaha, off to the bank I go.”

The withdrawal process isn’t as easy as hitting withdraw from PayPal. You have to provide a lot of banking info to the game via credits@earth2.

Your full legal name, current address, account name, email address (which should match your account email address), exact bank account name, account number, phone number, amount you wish to receive and any relevant information for international transfer to your bank account. Also confirm that your bank can received USD as all payments will be sent in USD. Please note to have these details correct before sending. All payments are processed via a filtration service with financial licenses and those services do run checks for us on all provided details as we do not want Earth 2 breaking any AML or financial compliance laws. If you provide incorrect information and the payment is rejected, there may be additional costs.

Aha! That’s where the trick is! Like every other project, there are jerks and jackasses who play a game who try to exploit glitches. The withdrawal process takes a while to process because they have to check that your withdrawal is legitimate.

It took me two weeks, and my withdrawal kept bouncing and not arriving in my TD bank account. (Let me point out this was 100% not Earth2 being jerk bags. It was me.) I have no idea, what my IBAN or Swift code is. In fact, the first time I think I even gave them the wrong bank account number (….you know how you have a short number and a long number for your account.)

…..so after 2 weeks I was like, screw this. There has to be an easier way. That’s when I learned about Transferwise. Transferwise is the easiest way to wire money internationally. And it’s what Earth2 uses. So…..I got the free Transferwise (It’s like PayPal).

So, I wrote Earth2 and said….hey here’s my Transferwise. Boom! Money in my account in 4 days. START HERE FOR YOUR FREE TRANSFERWISE. YOU GET $500 FREE TRANSFER. So, yes, if you plan to withdraw, get that Transferwise, or you also might get stuck in bank limbo.

So now that I’ve explained what Earth2 is, and how to get the money out, lets talk about some of the most crucial parts of the game.



BUYING TILES: There are 2 ways of buying tiles, on the marketplace and directly from the map. If you buy from the map you’ll pay what the price of a new tile is. Each country is a different price. For example you might get a tile in Canada for $6.76 or East Timor for .41 cents.

WAIT WHAT?! WHY WOULD I WANT TO BUY IN EAST TIMOR? CANADA IS THE BEST! Well the reason for this is that, it’s up to you. Remember at this point the whole city building part of the game hasn’t been released yet. You are speculating at this point. Will people build a whole mega city in East Timor? If they do, then you’re going to make serious coin. Or will people stick to what they know and build in Canada/USA/Italy/Japan?

Nobody knows at this point. But one thing that is VITAL for new players to know is that ALL man made structures on EARTH will be wiped out before the game starts. So if you buy a giant stadium, you are not buying the stadium. You are buying the land the stadium is on.

DOES THAT MEAN I SHOULDN’T BUY STADIUMS AND MONUMENTS? According to the developers “ We are not sure what will happen when building starts in Earth 2 and we are very excited to see how things pan out, essentially people could build a city in the middle of the desert (like Las Vegas) which could be very interesting we feel! Having said that, we do have future plans which will “bridge” a link between corresponding places in the real world and Earth2, these links will, in our opinion, offer more revenue opportunities for popular locations visited by people in the real world.”

WAIT. SO. THE ANSWER IS MAYBE? Kinda, maybe yeah. Remember this is all speculation.

There are only 2 certainties.

1. Your land tile you buy will go up in price as people buy. In the month I’ve been playing I haven’t seen any price drops. If the price does drop it lasts at most a day.

2.You need to buy smart.

WHAT IS BUYING SMART? If I were you starting the game I’d buy the following combination.

SO I SHOULD JUST LOTS OF RESOURCE LAND? Yes….but with 1 caveat. Remember to always buy Class 1 or 2. Do not buy Class 3 or Class 4. Another way you can make money in this game is Land income tax (LIT). At the time of writing this most places in new tile are class 2.

WHERE ELSE SHALL I BUY? I’d also recommend buying in megacity areas. A megacity is an area where a lot of users have bought in a certain area, versus all over the place. The reason for this is during phase 2, it might be easier to mine resources from areas where there are a lot of properties near by. Also having people nearby means they will also buy and develop properties near you. Having a tourist attraction in the middle of nowhere might not be that useful. Again this is all speculation as nobody knows for sure.

ANY MORE ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT RULES? Yes use a referral code. Mine is EYD2O9KDM4

The reason for using a referral code is that it gets you 5% off ALL new tile buys. (I get a 5% bonus too!)

WAIT! I JUST TRIED TO BUY IN DUBAI BUT IT SAYS NOT AVAILABLE. Yeah for religious religions some areas are locked down.

Last important rule. WATCH out for Scammers. There are some real scumbags, who try to trick newbies. I’ve already told you to ALWAYS IGNORE MARKET PRICE AND LOOK AT NEW TILE PRICE. The other common scam is they will change their name to “JerkyMcgee is bidding $5900” so you might get a bid notification on your property. And you’ll think, whoa someone is bidding $5900 on my property worth $200. They aren’t, the real bid is $0.01, you can see that if you read carefully. But because they’ve changed their name, you might be tricked into thinking they are bidding $5900. My advice is NOT to accept any bids until you are comfortable in the game.

Hopefully you all have success in the game. Remember not to put in more than you can afford. And if you have any questions feel free to message me! My current properties are there for you to look at so you can have a good idea of what a portfolio looks like.

Good luck and remember if you want tips on the best countries to retire cheap HEAD HERE