Part 3 I lived in a hostel for 30 days and survived : Sex in Hostels

There’s a privacy fort set up in the bunk next to me. (That’s made by draping your bottom sheet over the top of your lower bunk.) Two girls are in there that had met tonight at the pool. Samantha, a wind surfing instructor and Terri a stripper from England are both drunkenly thrashing around making dolphin noises. I’m not disturbed because I’m only in the room to get a condom. (There’s a hot Dutch mermaid waiting for me in the outdoor showers.) The pitch black room, is filled with the sound of the snoring from the Germans in the other bunks. I escape the room after a frenetic search for my elusive condoms (mental note : store them somewhere handy to remember, not just chucked into a suitcase.)

Hostel sex happens, and it’s kind of cool. If you’re traveling the world looking for the best place to retire cheap, chances are you’ll  encounter this. If you’ve decided to stay in a multi person bunk room like I did, then chances is you’ll hear it as well as encounter it. ( If you grab a private room, you won’t be disturbed.)

One of the coolest things about travel is that you’re going to meet people from around the world, all of whom want to explore and have fun. After my 30 days in a hostel, I’d highly recommend it if you’re a single traveler. I’d also recommend using air BNB to book, not just directly through the hostel or hostel world. Use my link for a few free nights

Why’s it so great? The honesty and refreshing contact with other travelers is much more contact that you’ll make versus staying in a private apartment. Being a single retiree can get lonesome, and hostels make a good jumping off point for exploring the city before you commit to a long term stay. Obviously you’ll want to book an apartment if you’re staying 6 months to a year, but that first little while in a hostel is fantastic. You get a feel for the flavour of the city without a long term commitment.

Don’t get hung up about being too old either, I had no problems interacting and meeting people. There was one guy who was 60 plus, but he had no problems interacting with people. Obviously the closer to 20 something, the more you’ll have in common. Some other tips I’d have after 30 days in a hostel?

  • Bring earplugs
  • Bring a sleep mask
  • Prepare for early mornings where fellow travellers are getting ready to go
  • Prepare for late nights when you want to sleep but the party is still going on
  • Prepare to deal with pretentious people
  • Bring an open attitude

I hope this article helped you with your quest of finding the best country to retire cheap. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more tips and articles on finding the cheapest places to retire. And if you liked the article, please share on social media (I’d love it if you did!)

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Hot pussy & Cold beer….

old white guy, best countries to retire cheap, best places to retire cheap, best cheap places to retire “Hot pussy & cold beer”, was the answer I was given when I asked my neighbor why he had retired in the Philippines. That surprised me. The Philippines has made it onto my shortlist because of its English speaking skills and friendly nature. Harold was a 63 year old English guy who I met living next to me in Cebu. Right off the bat, he seemed kind of odd to me. You know how you feel when you meet someone that completely lacks social skills? That was him.

He told me he had worked for 20 years for the government in England, and now had enough to retire. He spent his days on the patio, beer in hand while his  wife worked inside.

Naturally our conversation turned to living in the Philippines and retiring there. As you know this whole blog is about finding the best countries to retire cheap. For Harold “best” meant finding those two essential items. Hot pussy and cold beer.

Harold related to me how his first few dates with his new wife was spent talking over Google translate while they were in bed together. He had met her on a dating site and flown to Asia to meet her.

Speaking from personal experience, I know several guys who have been horribly burned by these mail order bride situations. Both of these guys, unlike Harold were good sensitive guys who just had gotten sick of the dating scene. Thinking to shortcut the process, they brought the girls home.

  • Fast forward to thousands of dollars spent in immigration fees, and having kids a few years later.
  • Fast forward a few more years to finding their wives cheating on them and divorce.

Both times it was acrimonious and nasty, the women claimed physical abuse and other horrible slanderous things to try to get as much spousal support as possible. They dragged the kids in threatening 100% custody battles if they didn’t get the cash they wanted. One of them wanted over $100,000 a year. Considering she had made $10,000 a year back home, this would be a quite a nice tidy sum for a few years “being married.”

If you’re thinking, “Those guys are stupid suckers. That could never happen to me.”

I wish you luck. With marriages being successful 60% of the time normally, what do you think chances of a successful marriage between two people with different socioeconomic status and language problems will be?

Another thing I talk about in this blog is finding a great place to live while retired. In the Philippines and in Thailand you cannot buy a house if you’re a foreigner.

One way people get around this is by putting the house in the wife or girlfriends name. Obviously there’s no possible problems with this (I roll my eyes here).

In stark contrast to Harold, is my new roommate in Kuala Lumpur. Jimmy had moved to Kuala Lumpur to find a better school for his son. Jimmy spends every Tuesday and Friday playing badminton with a group of new friends he’s made here. He’s also going scuba diving in two weeks.

Jimmy relates to me he gets lonely at times, but who couldn’t say that? We all get lonely at times, but shortcutting the system just doesn’t work.

It will cost you.

Whenever I see a 60plus year old white man, “married” to a 21 year Asian lady I feel like I’m watching a horror movie.

You know the ones where you are saying “don’t go in that room”?

It doesn’t have to be a horrible thing though, dating someone from a foreign country.

My friend Dylan from Australia is dating a cool chick he met in the Philippines.

All I’m saying is, if you’re looking for the best countries to retire cheap, “best” is always up to you. If it’s hot pussy, and cold beer you’ll definitely find it in Asia. I myself will be staying single and bringing get you more stories from abroad.

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