Can you retire cheap in Lima, Peru?

Lima, Peru rarely shows up on the retirement cheap websites. There’s a really good reason for it.

It’s not cheap.

After one month here, I can safely say that it’s not going to make my list for best countries to retire cheap.

What was my cost of living here for one month (all prices in CDN)?

  • Average cost of a meal at home with groceries $2.50
  • Average cost of a meal out in a restaurant $6
  • Movie theater $6
  • Cabs $4
  • Rent $300
  • Pisco Sour in fancy place $10
  • Anticucho $5
  • Alcohol $10 for a 26 of rum

It’s possible to survive in Lima for $1000 CDN a month, but it’s not a great life.

The city itself is really large.

It reminds me a lot of Toronto. One of my qualifications for a city is how it feels. I DIDN’T like Lima pretty much instantly.

It’s not it’s fault though. I just realized, I personally like small cities. This place is huge. And because of that it has some benefits. Lots of food choices.

But it also has detractors, lots of costs…..and really really bad Chinese food.

If you want to retire cheap? Stay away from Lima, Peru and check out these other cities.


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Street Food in Lima: Anticucho

One of the greatest things about travelling around the world looking for the best countries to retire cheap, is the food.

Here in Lima, I discovered Anticucho. Not just generic meat on a stick, it’s actually flame grilled cow hearts.

There are a lot of places that sell this, but look for the carts with the massive stands.

If you find a long line up of people, you know you’re in the right spot!

Anticucho is really filling, and one order is generally 2 skewers at $5 CAN per order.

The meat is salty, and has a nice chewy texture. It’s definitely something to be tried at least once.

….also make sure you get one of the giant corn on the cobs to take home! They’re around $1 CAN and totally worth it. It’s hard to see in the picture, but the corn kernels are all much much bigger than we get in Canada.

Hope you liked the article, the YouTube version of it is here


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