Why you should retire cheap in Arequipa, Peru! One month review.

My search for the best countries to retire cheap has led me to Arequipa, Peru.

Known as the white city, or the city of eternal spring, Arequipa is also a paradise for volcano lovers.

With about 800,000 people it’s not huge. It’s also not tiny.

I came here because of the promise of beautiful climates. And was not disappointed. After the sweltering heat of Asia, I was like….must get cooled down.

Temperature in Arequipa

Arequipa is cheapah than Lima (Like my rhyme?).

It’s also much friendlier.

I lived in the Yanahuara district.


  • My rent for a hotel for a month was 700 Soles ($300 CDN)
  • Cheap meal 6 Soles ($2.25 CDN)
  • Expensive meal with a beer 45 Sol ($20 CDN)
  • Gym 36 Soles ($15 CDN)
  • Cellphone w/3G data 30 Sol ($12 CDN)

After a month here, I can tell you Arequipa is now one of my favourite cities in the world to retire cheap.


  • It’s small enough to walk around
  • Has lots of cabs
  • Takes credit cards at most places
  • Has Scotiabank
  • Peru has a 6 month Visa on Arrival for free for Canadians
  • Fantastic local food
  • Safe
  • Good availability of fast food and imports at cheap prices
  • Great spring like temperature all year
  • Fast wifi 7mbps is standard
  • Sidewalks (yes this is a thing, in Vietnam there are none. Just places called sidewalks, where people park their motorcycles)
  • Crosswalks (Again, if you go to Vietnam you’ll see what I’m talking about, when you realize just how great crosswalks are. And even though Vietnam has no sidewalks and killer crosswalks there are some great things about it. LINK TO RETIRING CHEAP IN VIETNAM
  • Close to volcanoes
  • Not too many tourists

LINK TO YOUTUBE VIDEO if you’d like to see more

I hope this helps you with your decision to retire cheap in Arequipa, Peru! And remember if you like this blog to share it.

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Gyms in Arequipa, Peru! One Fitness Review

Hiya friends, as you know gyms are a big part of why I love or hate a city. And for me the best places to retire cheap will always have a good gym.

Here’s a link to my review of gyms in Medellin LINK TO GYM REVIEW IN MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA

My second stop after I land is always to find the best place to get my workouts in.

(My first stop of course is to grab a couple of beers.)

I found One Fitness in Arequipa, Peru.

It’s kind of a weird gym.

Big, but cheap.

Good, but kinda crappy.

There’s a lot of machines here. Everything from a squat rack, to smith machines. Lots of free weights.

It has group classes included in the price as well.

1 month = 60 S ($25 CAN)

2 month = 90 S ($37.50 CAN)

3 month = 120 S ($50 CAN)

6 month = 210 S ($87.50 CAN)

12 month = 360 S ($150 CAN)

The oddest thing about this gym is while it has all this great equipment\

It doesn’t have toilet paper

It doesn’t have a scale

It doesn’t have a water fountain,

It’s like, they were like, what’s the cheapest way to run a big gym? And said, No need for toilet paper.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s just odd.

If you want the full video review, plus pics of the gym go to this link.


All in all, I love One Fitness, and would recommend this odd little gym in Arequipa, Peru!

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