Why $1000?

$1000 a month doesn’t go very far in North America. Could you live comfortably somewhere else?

Define “Best Country”?

Factors I’m looking at include, health and safety. How are the hospitals and how good are they? What’s the cost of living really like? What can I do for fun here?  Do they speak English ?

Work or a beach hanging out? WHAT WOULD YOU RATHER DO?


  • Can it be done for $1000?
  • Is it safe and clean?
  • Do they speak English?
  • How’s the food and entertainment ?
  • Are there hospitals nearby of good quality?

Air bnb best countries to retire cheap

A Travel Blog about Finding the Best Countries to Retire Cheap. Where are you going? When are you going? What is it going to cost you? What’s the best way to save some cash?


That’s right it’s free ! No strings I’ve used this code to get 2 free nights in Thailand. Totally worth it. My tips = Your Trips!


So Many Places to Go. Where to Next?  From adventurous elephant trekking to awe-inspiring beaches, $1000 a month, let’s go!

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“You could go to Mexico once every year or two and then work to pay that off while living in a 5 bedroom house, or downsize now and retire early somewhere cheaper.”
Samson Chui
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“Prince, dead at 57. David Bowie , 69. What are you waiting for? Nobody knows when it’s best to retire, but the only person stopping you is you.”
S. Chui


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