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  • Best places to retire cheap in 2018

    Where's the best place to retire cheap in 2018? Here's my definite list for the year! Here you go, in order: #8 Cebu, Philipines: Beautiful forts, old architecture, mountains and beaches…..what’s not to love about Cebu? Also Cebu speaks English. They have great food, a

  • What’s the best places to retire cheap in 2020?

    It's 2020! Let's look at the top places to retire cheap! For me there are some definite must haves: 1. Cheap! It's got to be under $1000 a month Canadian for a good life. Technically you can live for under $1000 almost anywhere, but can

  • Where’s the best place to stay in Quito, Ecuador?

    I've stayed in hostels and Air BnB's all over the world. Some of them pretty good and some pretty darn sketchy. I'm always happy discovering new places to live, but the BEST part of being a digital nomad is RETURNING to a favorite city! What

  • Five things I wish I had known before I started traveling to find the best countries to retire cheap.

    I thought I pretty much had a handle on this whole situation when I decided to stop living a "normal" life. . I was wrong. Here's 5 things I WISH I had known. 1. YOU'LL GET LONELY. My first year, I bought a one way

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